Sage’s chatbot, Pegg, gives us an insight into the future of apps. This so-called ‘bot’ makes accounting software simpler to use, and let’s businesspeople manage their finances through conversation, through popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

So, what is a ‘bot’, how does it work, and how can accounting bots make life easier for entrepreneurs and office workers to file their expenses and chase up invoices? And will the future be dominated by bots?

In this podcast, software engineer, Kriti Sharma, Global Director for Mobile Product Management at Sage, explains how the smart assistant technology she created can help businesses to be more efficient.

Sage’s Pegg, is a first-of-its-kind accounting bot that allows business users to manage their finances by sending messages from popular messaging apps. In many ways, this bot opens a window onto the future of smart assistants, which could eventually replace many of today’s apps.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to transform through things like digitisation, social media, automation and web-based apps. With this in mind, the arrival of the bot could mark a significant turning point in business computing.