Receiving, collecting & making payments in modern business

For too many businesses, receiving, collecting and making payments is a time-consuming and complicated affair. As a result, poor money management throttles your growth and makes you uncompetitive.

So, as you get on top of your payments? Is it possible to make and receive money direct from your accounts and payroll systems? How do you take control over your cash flow and money movements; and how can you give your customers a better payment experience?

This podcast explores the key issues around receiving, collecting and making payments in modern business.

Receiving, collecting and making payments doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complex. With an integrated platform, like Sage Payments, it’s possible to get control over your money movements and cash flow and make domestic and international payments straight from your Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll software.

And by taking advantage of innovations like contactless payment and mobile and tablet computing, you can bring your payment systems right up to date, making you competitive now and in the future.